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Reflections on the first 2 weeks of detoxing

on March 7, 2021

The weight started coming off immediately. Everyday when I weighed myself the first week I was amazed at how quickly it was going down. In the second week it started to level off some. The biggest difference in week 2 was the difference in my waistline, which I also measure every morning before I eat or drink anything. Today I am on day 19 and I have lost 5.5 kg (11.7 pounds) and 13 cm or 5 inches. I’m now about 1kg or 2 pounds away from that Red Flag number.

Other than the weight loss benefits I have had other changes as well. I wake up more refreshed and get right up. I used to wake up still tired and dragged myself out of bed each morning. I think that this is one of the biggest differences I have noticed. I think it is do the not drinking any alcohol and also not putting any toxic chemicals from processed foods into my body. The body can focus on the necessary functions instead of expending so much energy to combat all the toxins. I feel more energetic throughout the day and have also been way more productive than usual. Getting things on my To-Do List used to take a long time, but it seems to be going much faster now.

Another big change I have noticed is with my mood. I have noticed that I am less irritable and more patient with my crazy puppy and my kids. I’m no longer counting down the hours until bedtime and hardly ever get frustrated with the kids now. To me this is the most positive change so far.

The only negative effect I have noticed is that I am having some bad/scary dreams, and one actual nightmare about a week ago. The dreaming is not new. I have always had vivid and frequent dreams, but the content of these is somewhat disturbing. Hopefully that will pass in time.

All-in-all I am still happy with my decision to detox. I have learned how to cook healthier, which was my main motivation for doing it, and I feel overall better than before. My weight has not changed very much in about a week, so that is somewhat disappointing. I had hoped to see at lease a continued reduction to help me stayed motivated. The cooking is somewhat labor intensive as I am constantly cutting up vegetables, but the clean up is less work because there are less pots and pans and no greasy mess to clean.

I will say that I am looking forward to being able to eat avocados and legumes again at some point though, so I m not sure if I will extend the diet period or not. That is something that I will decide in the next few days.


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