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A few things I’ve learned along the way

on February 19, 2014

I got a lot of advice about parenting before my first daughter was born, but unfortunately no one tells you the shit that you really need to know about giving birth or the first few weeks of the baby’s life. I found myself saying “Well, that would’ve been nice to know!” on multiple occasions during the first few month.  I always said that one day, I would make a list of the things so I could save my friends the hassles and hardships that I unknowingly encountered. So here it is:

1. Bleeding- You will bleed after you have a vaginal delivery. It can last anywhere from a week to six weeks after delivery so stock up on Overnight Maxipads. I don’t mean a pack of 16 either. Get the jumbo pack. I found myself running to Target when my baby was 3 days old to buy some as well as Tucks pads because I was not prepared.

2. Hormone fluctuation after delivery is a bitch! Everyone always says that pregnant women are emotional due to the ever-changing hormone levels but what they don’t tell you is the emotional roller coaster you go on after birth  as your body reestablishes homeostasis.

3. Be flexible and enjoy your birth journey. Although you may have a very well thought out birth plan, things may not happen that way, and that’s ok. The end goal is to have a healthy mama and baby afterward. The rest it just details.  

4. All diapers are not created equal. Pampers did not fit my girls at all. After tons of leaks I started buying Huggies which were so much better. Also, Mom to Mom brand from Vons are the bomb and are half the price.

5. If you plan on cloth diapering, buy some newborn size disposables to use until baby has filled out enough for the cloth. Just one box will do. They will probably grow out of this size in a week or two.

6. Lactation constants are worth their weight in gold! I never would have made it to my goal of nursing my oldest for a year without the support of my lactation consultant. Luckily for me, my husband’s company has a program that provides the service for free but I would highly recommend that any mother who plans to nurse her infant find a lactation consultant or support group immediately.

7. The first few months will go too fast simply because you are so busy. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy your newborn every once in a while. They will never be as little as they are right now.

8. Baby nails are paper-thin and razor-sharp. People laughed when I registered for baby nail files but it was one of the most useful items I got. My oldest’s nails were so thin that I could not cut them with clippers for the first few months. When she got older I had to sneak in her room at night with my headlamp on clip her nails.


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