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Cold Coffee

on April 3, 2014


Remember when you used to be able to sit down and sip on a nice cup of piping hot coffee and read a book? Well neither do I! I suppose at one point in my life I must have had this experience but right now it seems like a fantasy. Yes, the hot coffee and the having time to read books. Ah books, I vaguely remember reading novels for pleasure. I think it was sometime between 2008, when I finished my MSW, and 2011 when I started reading every book on pregnancy known to man. That’s probably about the last time I got to sit down and drink a cup of joe too. Coffee has always been part of my morning routine. When I was a freshman in high school I convinced my mom to buy General Foods International Coffee tins. I think I discovered them at a friend’s house one night when I slept over. You know, that powered sugar they called coffee? I loved them! Especially the French Vanilla. By senior year, I had convinced her to buy a coffee pot so I could make coffee from coffee grounds. You see, when I was a kid my mom drank instant coffee. Taster’s Choice instant to be exact. My first taste of coffee was when my sister started Kindergarten. I must have been about 2 years old. My mother and I would walk her to the bus stop everyday down our 1/4 mile long driveway. By the time the bus came, my mother’s coffee was stone cold. One day on the trek back up the driveway, I noticed that she wasn’t drinking it so I asked for a sip.  She was probably as surprised as I was, but I actually liked it.

Here I am, some 30 odd years later and I am somewhat of a coffee aficionado. I love my java! But unfortunately I am now back to drinking cold coffee. My husband, bless his soul, makes my coffee when he hears me stirring in the morning and delivers it to my bedside. I get about two sips if I’m lucky before the day begins. From there it ends up in the microwave about 3 times. Sometimes it stays in there the entire day because things start happening and I just plumb forget about it. I know it sounds trivial, but to me, this is one of life’s simple pleasures and while I adore my two daughters, I need my coffee for all to be right in the world.


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