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Sexy Sweatpants

on April 30, 2014

Since becoming a mother of two I have caught myself thinking or saying things that I never would have said 10 years ago. In fact, no self-respecting fashionista would ever dare to think such things!

Yes, being pregnant is a wonderful. There is no other time in life when we get to watch a miracle happen right before our eyes. The maternity clothing industry has made great strides over the past few years as well. Cute tunics, maternity leggings and snarky t-shirts are all the rage. But what about that postpartum wardrobe? Some women find themselves wearing their ill-fitting maternity garb well after baby’s arrival as they anxiously await the return of their pre-baby bods. For me, the period between about two and six months postpartum is the most difficult.

About a month after my youngest was born I was looking through my assortment of mismatched postpartum wear and heard myself say “I need to go get some sexy sweatpants.” What??? Immediately I stopped myself and thought “Since when are sweatpants sexy?” The answer… NEVER!

OMG! Have I become one of “those” women that thinks wearing sweatpants from Victoria Secret or my comfy pajama bottoms in public is socially acceptable? Hell no I haven’t! I am nowhere near that point yet. But I have to admit, I have run out to the grocery store to grab a few times in my not so flattering lounge pants. But the thought of going out on a mission to buy “sexy sweatpants” was a harsh wake up call. Ok ok, I must cut myself some slack. I DID just have a baby a few months ago and I am very proud of how well I am managing things this time around. I am showering regularly and brush my teeth every morning. I am definitely getting better at this but if I am thinking that I should buy some new sweatpants to replace my uncool sweatpants, then clearly I still have quite a way to go.

The fact of the matter is that right now comfort is king. I typically wear yoga pants and a nursing tank every day but put on jeans when I need to leave the house. I only have 3 pairs of jeans that fit right now. My “fat pants”(ya know, the ones you buy 2 sizes bigger so you can have something to wear until you can lose some of that baby weight?). A pair of skinny jeans that is one size bigger (aka my going out jeans) and a pair of my favorite casual jeans that must run a wee bit bigger than all my other jeans. Other than this I live in sweatpants and yoga pants.

Here in So Cal, wearing yoga pants, especially high-end brands like Lululemon is a trend all its own. I myself, have not embraced this trend as I am not ok with wearing my sweats or workout gear out and about on a daily basis. If I am going to or coming from the gym or yoga, that is a different story. So what is a girl to do at this stage? What can we wear to not look frumpy dumpy yet not look like we squeezed ourselves into jeans that are two sizes too small? I hardly want to go shell out a bunch of money on pants that I will only wear for the next couple of months. Luckily summer is around the corner so I guess maxi dresses and skirts are the way to go.


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